Three Major Dog Care Alternatives During Vacation

As soon as the temperatures rise, we can’t wait to go on a trip finally. But a vacation without your beloved pet? Unimaginable for some dog owners. We have tips on how and where you can welcome your dog or cat with love during the holiday period.

Who will take the dog or cat during your vacation? Often, a neighbor or family member offers to take care of the dog while you are on vacation. A holiday with a four-legged companion can not only be varied and relaxing, but it also eliminates the question of who will take care of the dog. Whether you are looking to take care of your pet during your holiday or take it directly with you, here we have the best tips for you:

What pet owner doesn’t know – saying goodbye to your dog or cat on the day of departure on vacation is incredibly difficult. If you know that your pet is in good hands, you can go on vacation with peace of mind. Here are our tips to make your pet feel safe in your absence:

Company Of A Trusted Person

Many pet owners have the opportunity to entrust their dogs to trusted people, such as relatives, friends, family, or pet sitters, during their vacation. Those who do not have this possibility often look for a place for their dog in a well-known kennel.

With cats, accommodation during the holiday season is already difficult. Especially because they want to stay in their familiar environment. In order for the cat to stay at home, the installation of a cat door is especially cost-effective.

In A Familiar Environment

As we know, nothing beats the house. This is especially true for cats, but even anxious dogs feel more comfortable in a familiar environment. With your own petWALK pet door, staying at home for your cat, but also for the dog with good care is easier and above all safer.

Anticipate and prepare your home so that the caretaker can find the necessary more easily and that your animals have something to take care of. Useful items can be toys or chewable items, but intelligence games are also an interesting hobby.

Hotels for dogs

More and more accommodation establishments specialize in night packages that offer well-being to animals and people. The best overnight hotel for dogs includes many adapted services and creates a wellness experience for animals. In some places, such as Margale Pet Resort in addition to walking services, a Dog daycare, adapted trails, guided walks, fenced exercise areas, swimming areas, a groomer, and a veterinary service are offered for your dog.

How To Stay Safe During Road Trips and Vacations


Are you planning to go on a vacation with your family during this COVID-19 pandemic? The good news is that you can easily do so even with the monster virus living amongst us. Nevertheless, there are some requirements. You can’t just go out there and take things as you would about a year before.

If you want to stay safe as you are on your road trip to have a fun getaway, here are some tips to help you out;

Always have a reliable Corona Kit

What is a Corona Kit? Well, this is just a collection of all the supplies and items that are meant to keep you safe as you are out of the house and on the road. Some of the things you need to have included a pair of disposable rubber gloves for all the entire family or anyone in the vehicle and face masks. Also, some disinfecting wipes, rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizers, spray bottles, and bleach too.

Ideally, buy the gloves and face masks in bulk to be on the safe side.

Make sure you have the essentials in bulk

Avoiding doing the same thing more than once is a good way to prevent the possibility of contracting coronavirus. For instance, you don’t have to go back and forth to the grocery store, supermarket, or that liquor store. In that case, the best thing to do is buy the essentials in plenty to avoid having to step out of the house all the time.

Things like medication, toiletries, pet food, vehicle supplies, and foodstuff are among the essentials that you should have in bulk.

Ensure that you disinfect the car frequently

Your vehicle is always prone to multiple touches by different people both inside and outside. Whether it is the seatbelts, door handles steering wheel, emergency brake, and other areas. Even though you and your family are probably the only people that will touch your car.

But what about when you go to the grocery store and come back touching every area of your vehicle? Now that’s the reason for disinfecting the vehicle all the time.

Choose a vacation rental that comes naturally with social distancing

Instead of going for an apartment for vacation, it would be best to go to a home that offers natural social distancing. In this case, you won’t have to worry about you or your family mingling with other people. Aunt Susies offers Raystown lake cabins rentals in Raystown, PA The best part is that each home is individually located and there is enough space to offer privacy and the needed social distancing.

Always ensure that you stay safe and follow the government directives on safety precautions.

How To Keep Your Bar/Pub Going During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Even though the world is gradually getting accustomed to the Corona Virus pandemic, there is still some panic among other people. Some businesses have been shut down, while others are still operating but not as swift as before the pandemic.

If you own a bar or a pub, and you still want to get it going, you will want to apply some tips to help you with that. In this article, we will be discussing how you can keep your bar/pub business going, even with the current COVID–19 pandemic.

Let’s explore them together, shall we?

  • Stock Up

Of course, you always have a huge stock of beers and wines in your inventory. However, the best way to avoid running out of stock is to ensure that you have enough of it. Of course, beers and wines can perfectly remain safe without refrigeration. But, wouldn’t it be best if you had all your beers and wines in a cooler?

So, you might be wondering if your regular refrigerator can hold more than the normal stock. But we are talking big storage like Beer Cave or a walk-in cooler for keeping those beers and kegs safe and in the right temperatures.

American Walk-In Coolers is one of the best manufacturers and sellers of display walk-in coolers You can find customized beer caves or any walk-in cooler that meets your business needs accordingly. The best part is that you don’t have to go to them, they offer delivery services to you. Click Here for delivery options.

  • Offer Takeaway Services

If you are in a state where the lockdown has been lifted but social distancing is still implemented, you can opt to offer takeaway services more to your customer. This way, you can still serve your beers and kegs while pleasing your customers.

  • Offer Delivery Services

Some people prefer having a six-pack of Budweiser in their fridge to enjoy while they are staying indoors. In that case, you can take this opportunity to reach out to them and deliver alcoholic beverages to their homes. When offering delivery services, you can include an offer or free delivery to anyone buying a whole pack or products worth a specific amount.

Above all, ensure that you follow the government directives to stay safe and stop the spread of Coronavirus. If you have staff helping carry out the services, ensure that they also follow the safety precautions at all times. Don’t only focus on making money and ignore the ways to stay safe.

When choosing commercial walk-in refrigerators for your business, ensure that you find one that will fit in the available space while offering preservation for your stock.