Three Major Dog Care Alternatives During Vacation

As soon as the temperatures rise, we can’t wait to go on a trip finally. But a vacation without your beloved pet? Unimaginable for some dog owners. We have tips on how and where you can welcome your dog or cat with love during the holiday period.

Who will take the dog or cat during your vacation? Often, a neighbor or family member offers to take care of the dog while you are on vacation. A holiday with a four-legged companion can not only be varied and relaxing, but it also eliminates the question of who will take care of the dog. Whether you are looking to take care of your pet during your holiday or take it directly with you, here we have the best tips for you:

What pet owner doesn’t know – saying goodbye to your dog or cat on the day of departure on vacation is incredibly difficult. If you know that your pet is in good hands, you can go on vacation with peace of mind. Here are our tips to make your pet feel safe in your absence:

Company Of A Trusted Person

Many pet owners have the opportunity to entrust their dogs to trusted people, such as relatives, friends, family, or pet sitters, during their vacation. Those who do not have this possibility often look for a place for their dog in a well-known kennel.

With cats, accommodation during the holiday season is already difficult. Especially because they want to stay in their familiar environment. In order for the cat to stay at home, the installation of a cat door is especially cost-effective.

In A Familiar Environment

As we know, nothing beats the house. This is especially true for cats, but even anxious dogs feel more comfortable in a familiar environment. With your own petWALK pet door, staying at home for your cat, but also for the dog with good care is easier and above all safer.

Anticipate and prepare your home so that the caretaker can find the necessary more easily and that your animals have something to take care of. Useful items can be toys or chewable items, but intelligence games are also an interesting hobby.

Hotels for dogs

More and more accommodation establishments specialize in night packages that offer well-being to animals and people. The best overnight hotel for dogs includes many adapted services and creates a wellness experience for animals. In some places, such as Margale Pet Resort in addition to walking services, a Dog daycare, adapted trails, guided walks, fenced exercise areas, swimming areas, a groomer, and a veterinary service are offered for your dog.